Cal’s recruiting pitch and response

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – UK will host Morehead State October 30th at Rupp Arena with all proceeds going to charity and disaster relief.  No TV is allowed for the game due to NCAA rules.

The Cats are young and grasping the concept of servant leadership under Cal.

During the recruiting process, coach pitches it.  It’s been the same pitch in fact to every recruit.

What’s the oddest or most interesting response Cal’s ever gotten?

The recruiting pitch is simple.  It’s servant leadership.  Why can’t a kid deviate from the norm Cal wants?  Why not take a kid who doesn’t fit the Kentucky mold?

Is there any risk of taking a guy who doesn’t see Lexington as a launch pad for his life…and instead a personal playground?

Hear from Cal in the video.

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