Cal Likes “Gun To Head” Pressure

Pressure exists at every level in every sport, but in Lexington for college basketball, that pressure is unrelenting. 

It’s certainly not for everyone.

John Calipari though, seems to thrive under and on it.

The chatter of 40-0 national champions has begun.

Kentucky brings back 3 guys who could’ve gone pro…and brings in at least six future ones.

That means another season in the NIT…a loss in the first round for that matter…is unacceptable.

And while Coach Cal’s job is not in danger…many seem to think he’s under the gun.

An idea and concept Cal says he likes, for both him and his team.

"There will be things out there that will be we’re chasing perfection, we’re chasing greatness, we’re chasing things that have never been done in the history of our game. Well, what I like about that, people say, ‘Pressure!’ Pressure brings out the best. ‘You’re going to be fired if you don’t get this done. You’re not going to make it if you don’t get this.’ It wakes you up earlier in the morning. I don’t mind a little pressure. I’ve had it my whole career. I’ve had a gun to my head for 20-something years, and you know what? I’m at my best when the gun is to my head versus where I can kick back and I’m not as good. And you know what? Players are the same. Now, I’m not saying if we lose a game it’s not a successful season. No, but you’re chasing greatness. What’s wrong with that? ‘Well, we want to talk moment to moment and we’re not putting that on the kids.’ Well, we are. Any pressure on these kids when they come here? It’s on us."

More from Cal in the video on chasing greatness…and perfection.

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