Cafe and bakery closing doors after facing inflation, rent and employment issues

Last day for cafe and walk-in service at Gluten Free Miracles is October 29

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — A Lexington bakery and café specializing in the needs of those with celiac disease or gluten allergies will be closing its doors.

Denise Walsh, the owner of Gluten Free Miracles, posted a video on social media breaking the news to customers about the closure of Gluten Free Miracles.

She says there were many reasons that led to the decision, among them inflation, rent and employment.

“We’ve been offering way more than we ever thought we would, and like $15 an hour, it doesn’t matter, people will still not show up and will not work. And so we have that issue, we have our rent being jacked up, 162%, we have problems in our building. And then, you know, we have inflation, the cost of everything is so much more expensive,” said Walsh.

Walsh says the main reason for opening the café and bakery was to accommodate the needs of the community but also for a personal one.

“My son and I and the manager here, we’re so sensitive, just flour in the air, or another flour landing on our products can make us very ill,” said Walsh

She adds that after realizing the issues they were facing it was harsh reality to close the place that’s given her so much.

“We are closing to customers coming in, you can do customer ordering for a couple more months for the holidays. But we just don’t have enough staff, there are only three of us. It’s the hardest thing to let something go. We believe that, you know, we can still make it work, but we’re just not sure how or when or how yet,” she also said.

She says the demand was too much to provide good customer service due to the limited staff, but she’s hopeful for the future.

“This isn’t necessarily the end, maybe it’ll just be a pause for a new beginning,” added Walsh.

Last day for cafe and walk-in service at Gluten Free Miracles is October 29.

For more information on holiday ordering, go to their website

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