Bus drivers prepare for students return to in-person

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Fayette County bus drivers are preparing for students to return in-person.

Cynthia Clay and Jessie Hill are a team. Clay calls Hill her ‘ride or die’ because they work together to have a smooth ride and a clean bus.

They both say they miss seeing the kids on their route.

“Last year at Christmas, I made them all a goody bag and I put a piece of fruit in it. So this year, I didn’t get a chance to do it,” Hill said.

As they prepare for the start of in-person classes, each week, drivers, like Clay, will take their buses on a dry run along their route.

She says it is important for them to stay familiar with their route and prepare for the actual stops.

With the pandemic, there are some changes to their daily routine.

“This is our baby, 613, but just being back on the bus again, it does feel good,” Clay said.

Buses now have sanitizer available when students walk in and drivers have gloves, wipes, and a sanitizer gun to spray everything.

They say it is all necessary to keep the kids safe.

“We realize that in the morning, majority of the time, we’re who they see. We get to see firsthand, as being bus drivers, we get to see firsthand what a lot of people don’t get to see,” Clay said.

Even with a lot of new, one thing remains the same. Clay and Hill say it’s as important as ever for you to do your part. If you see a bus stopped with its lights activated and sign out, stop. To keep everyone involved safe.

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