Burnside looks to reduce train debris on busy street

BURNSIDE, Ky. (WTVQ) – A train passed over Lakeshore several times while ABC 36 crews were nearby. The city of Burnside says every time trains come through, people are in danger because there’s nothing under the track to catch falling debris.

“I have passed through there as the train was passing and rocks roll over down into the road there, I’ve seen that myself,” said one man who’s lived on the road for 15 years.

The track is right down the street from Burnside Elementary, where people say traffic backs up well past the track during dismissal.

Burnside Mayor Robert Lawson says the city is currently looking at sidewalk extensions and reroutes so people can get around the overpass.

“We have a long range vision, but our vision is to upgrade Main Street and put in some sidewalks. Right now, there is not a sidewalk leading to the elementary school,” said Lawson.

The mayor says the city is also applying for infrastructure and railroad grants to get safety nets for the tracks. He says it’s a way to keep the people in the 12,000 cars that drive through Lakeshore Drive everyday safe.

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