Burgin Police Looking for Fugitive Considered Armed & Dangerous

A man considered armed and dangerous by police is on the run.
Officials said Thomas Combs is wanted in multiple Kentucky counties.
The Burgin Police Department said Combs has had at least 33 different convictions in about five different counties and recently did time in a state penitentiary.
After a burglary in Mercer County police are looking for him and they believe he is armed and dangerous.
Officers said December 27th Combs broke into his elderly neighbors apartment and stole about $2,500 worth of stuff; mostly sentimental trinkets and two guns.
Sunday night, officers saw a vehicle they thought Combs might be driving but when they tried to pull the driver over they said he sped away.
Police later found the jeep and eventually found most of the trinkets plus drugs but no guns which is why officers said he is dangerous.
“He’s not the only felon out there with a gun but he is definitely a felon out there with a gun until we know otherwise,” said Chief Jim Caldwell with Burgin Police.
Burgin Police also said they found other items in Combs’ apartment which they believe could be from other burglaries.
The Murphy Springs apartment complex where the burglary occurred is offering a $500 reward.

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