‘Bully Rescue’ needs foster homes for growing number of pets

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – With the coronavirus outbreak continuing to stress families and pet owners, it means animal rescue groups are eve busier.

Bluegrass Bully Rescue needs foster homes for the growing number of dogs it is takig in.

“We can’t bring in any dogs at the moment because we have nowhere for them to go.
If you’ve ever thought about fostering, what’s holding you back? Try it out and foster a dog. If it’s not for you and you don’t want to foster again. That’s fine. It’s not for everyone,” the agency said in a social media post.

“We can provide a crate, food, support and a family of other fosters/rescue folks, vetting for the dog,” it added.

Foster homes do:
Let the dog hang out until it’s adopted. We don’t know how long that will take. Some are very quickly adopted, some take a few months. We never know.
Get the dog to the vet’s office in Georgetown when it needs something. We can schedule the appointments around your availability. We also have other volunteers who can sometimes help with transporting them if you work with us.
Get the dog to events (very few lately) about once a month. The events are more than just getting the dog exposed. It let’s us board members get to know the dog a little better to process apps and find a good home.

Go to the agency’s web site ad fill out a application.

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