Boys and Girls Club “Summer Learning Loss” Pay to Play

“As the new school year gets underway, many children will fall behind their classmates because of summer learning loss. It’s possible to prevent it by enrolling your children fun summertime learning activities, so they’re ready when school starts up again. But, some kids don’t have that option.

Nation-wide about 43 million youth don’t have access to great summer learning experiences. That contributes to what we call the summer slide. Where young people lose about two months of math skills over the summer, and particularly kids from low income communities lose about two months of reading skill as well. This obviously has nothing to do with their intrinsic ability or motivation to learn. It has everything to do with access to great learning experiences. Boy and Girls Club wants to be part of the solution by preventing summer learning loss, and ensuring that those summer loses aren’t stacking up over time, but rather, that all young people are on track to graduate with a plan for the future.

One way BGCA is doing that is through an innovative, digital learning platform developed in partnership with Comcast NBC Universal.

My future in My Future Platform is really about inspiring young people to engage in investigative project-based activities in the areas of digital literacy, in the areas of computer science, in areas of actually building and making media, and leadership, and building lyrics, and so on. The idea is to inspire young people to find a subject they love and help them take it further.

Visit for more information and resources. This is Janet Charles reporting.”

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