Boyle County Sheriff, Richmond Police donate cars to cities, counties

Monday, four cars were taken down to the Graves County Sheriff's Department; Richmond car going Friday

DANVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Boyle County Sheriff’s Department is giving back to a community hit hard by Saturday’s tornadoes. So is the Richmond Police Department.

Monday, after hearing of first responders driving in vehicles damaged by tornadoes in Graves County, the Boyle County Sheriff’s Department took four of its own surplus cars to Mayfield and gave them to the Graves County Sheriff’s Department.

“Most of those deputies and first responders live in that same community. Their house could have been destroyed. Their family could have been injured. And they’re still coming to work every day to help the community even though they may have things at their house or their family needs them to do. So they’re sacrificing a lot,” said Sheriff Derek Robbins.

According to Sheriff Robbins, he’d heard of a deputy driving her own car at work.

“One of the deputies was driving her own car. So she got one of the cars that we had brought down. It’s anything we can do for them, because if they can’t get out to help the community, they’re useless,” said Sheriff Robbins.

Sheriff Robbins says the community helped pack the cars, along with his SUV and another truck, with water, cars, diapers, and other essentials to take to Mayfield as well, after the wife of a Boyle County Sheriff’s Department deputy posted about the trip to Mayfield on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the City of Richmond is donating a police cruiser to the City of Dawson Springs to aid in their efforts as they begin to recover.

“It makes me proud that we as a city are able to look into our resources and find ways to assist those going through something so unimaginable,” said Mayor Robert Blythe. “The Richmond Police Department is sufficiently equipped and we have vehicles in use that are available to be donated to those without at the City of Dawson Springs. We hope it gives them the assistance they need to do their job.”

Teri Johnson, member relations manager for the Kentucky League of Cities, provided contact information and the Mayor and Commissioners quickly responded once the need for the vehicle was identified. Dawson Springs Mayor Chris Smiley was excited and happily accepted the vehicle when it was offered. The cruiser will be delivered to Dawson Springs on Friday.

“Our department is happy that we are able to aid the City of Dawson Springs and the Dawson Springs Police Department with an emergency vehicle they can use to provide service to a community in desperate need of assistance,” said Richmond Police Chief Rodney Richardson.

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