Boyle County Agriculture Club members aim for a success in Agriculture

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky (WTVQ) – A new generation of farmers and producers in Boyle County are passionately learning agriculture as a professional trade to help bring food from farm to table.

Many students from the Boyle County High School are members of the school’s agriculture club.

According to the club leader, Ashton Jones, the group is a chapter of the National FFA, an organization dedicated to helping teens get a taste of a career in agriculture.

Students tell ABC 36 that’s there’s something for everyone with so many options for careers in agriculture.

Students can immerse themselves in farming and production or pursue fields like biotechnology.

Last year, club meetings have been online as well as important fundraisers that allowed these students to get funding for out-of state competitions and an up close look at professional agriculture.

The kids say each year they typically hold an auction that they believe to be a win win for them and for people in the agriculture community.

Community members who work on the farm auction off their equipment and money from the event goes to the students.

“The auction really I think of it is just the middle man. The person comes and they can sign over the machinery and they benefit by getting rid of that machinery that they don’t want anymore and they can profit off of that and the students profit off that not necessarily for the monetary value but from the experiences we are able to gain from the money fund raised,” says Jake Lyons, a member and a junior of Boyle County High School

More information about the auction or the club can be found here.

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