Bourbon County Man Hospitalized Due to House Fire

A house fire in Bourbon County sent the homeowner to the hospital with second-degree burns, according to fire crews.
When firefighters were called to Stoney Point Road Tuesday night, they found the house fully engulfed in flames.
According to a Bourbon County Fire captain, homeowner Jon Hazelrigg was putting wood in the fireplace when he saw the outside of his home was burning.
Neighbors said Hazelrigg and another person tried to put the fire. EMS later transported Hazelrigg to a nearby hospital for first- and second-degree burns.
"You fear for someone’s life in a fire like that," said Lydia Davis, a neighbor.
Hazelrigg is expected to be okay and the person with him was not hurt.
The fire has been ruled accidental by investigators. They are still looking for an official cause.

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