Bourbon 30, Lexmark partner for Veterans Day bottle release

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Bourbon 30, a craft distillery in Georgetown, specializes in small batches where customers can pick from over 100 barrels to create their own blend. Thanks to a new partnership with Lexmark, a special blend was made in honor of Veterans Day.

211 bottles are set for release Wednesday and will benefit Honor Flight Kentucky.

Mike Emmons is a warehouse manager at Bourbon 30. He’s also a Veteran, “I was a Marine from ’83 to ’87 and was born and raised here in Scott County, in Georgetown, so it’s a blessing to be part of the Mattingly family, part of Bourbon 30.”

“We here at Bourbon 30 are very big fans and supporters of the Veterans,” added Tricia Brill, Vice President at Bourbon 30.

Brill says it’s why they’re working on their third release with Honor Flight Kentucky, this time partnering with Lexmark Ventures.

“It was blended by the Lexmark group with a few Veterans on staff. They chose it themselves,” explained Brill.

The patriot toppers are unique because they also incorporate CryptoAnchor technology.

“CryptoAnchor is a magnetic fingerprint,” said Kate Giuliani, Brand Manager of CryptoAnchor at Lexmark Ventures. “The bottle is capped and corked as usual to protect the contents. But we want to make sure there’s been no tampering.”

Giuliani also says it’s the first time the technology has been commercialized.

“So you can use your cell phone camera and scan it for the first level of security and identify the bottle that you have and ensure that this bottle is authentic,” explained Giuliani. “It has tamper evidence here so the signature actually is across all three pieces of the gray. And when you pull the tab to remove the cap, it disrupts the signature so we can tell it has been violated.”

So why such high security for a spirit?

“No industry is immune from counterfeiting and so we focus on those industries that have a high consequence if it is counterfeited,” explained Giuliani.

“Especially with counterfeits in the bourbon industry, we feel like it’s a great partnership,” added Brill.

Giuliani says the hope is to use the technology on future products to protect consumers.

As for what’s inside, Emmons explains it’s a 13-year and 12-year blend that’s, “really great tasting.”

Plus, Brill says $75 of every $200 bottle goes to Honor Flight Kentucky.

Honor Flight Kentucky sends area Veterans to Washington D.C. to view memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifices.

Each bottle is 123 proof. If you’re interested, preorders are available now HERE. They’ll be available for release on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

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