Boone Tavern, Kentucky’s First LEED Certified Green Hotel

BEREA, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Historic Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant is nestled in Berea, Kentucky, on the corner of Prospect St. and Main St. What was originally built in 1909 to be a guesthouse for Berea College has grown to be a bustling hotel and restaurant.

Boone Tavern is also Kentucky’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certified Green Hotel. The requirements for this certification are quite stringent, and Boone Tavern is proud of the steps it has taken to make a positive environmental impact. A few of the measures that have been taken include low-waste packaging for all guest room amenities, heat recovery coils capture energy from kitchen wastewater, and complimentary bicycles that are provided for all guests to enjoy for local shopping and sightseeing.

While the dining attire is tastefully casual, dining at the tavern is an elegant experience. Boone Tavern is committed to using locally grown and “Kentucky Proud” ingredients, many of which comes from the Berea College farm. Executive Chef Jason Richie stated that the menu includes several classic items that have been a part of the menu for over 50 years, while also incorporating more contemporary tastes. Locally known chefs work hard to create exquisite tastes, including Berea’s famous Spoonbread.

A wide variety of events are hosted at Boone Tavern, including weddings, family reunions and everything in between. Meetings ranging from corporate affairs to more personal, intimate events can be hosted in the event center.

Boone Tavern is also proud to announce that over 75% of items inside the hotel and restaurant have been removed, fully renovated and returned.

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