Boaters encouraged to use caution in Kentucky Lake in Nov.

Kentucky Lake (WTVQ) – Boaters are being told to use extra caution on areas of Kentucky Lake.

The state says scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey will be setting up block nets November 2-13 at the Jonathan Creek Embankment of Kentucky Lake at the U.S. Hwy 68 bridge and northwest arm near Olive Branch Creek

The state says scientists will be using block nets to confine the movement of tagged silver carp to determine their response and movements. The goal of the research is to find ways to increase the efficiency of mass removal efforts of these invasive fish.

The USGS says boaters can pass over these nets by trimming the outboard motor up and turning it off while passing over the net. If the boat’s motor cannot be trimmed, the operator may use a device to push the net down as the boat passes over, again with the motor off. The nets will be marked The nets will be marked by buoys and yellow flags.

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