Blue Grass Army Depot employee receives select Army-level recognition

RICHMOND, Ky. — Timothy LeRoy, who is a Quality Assurance Specialist Ammunition Surveillance (QASAS) at Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD), received the highest recognition in his career field when he was named Army-wide QASAS of the Year for his grade level.

The QASAS career field is the oldest program in the Department of Defense, dating back to 1920. The career field requires flexibility because they are placed in a new assignment every two to three years, often in austere conditions. QASAS have arguably one of the most important jobs when it comes to the de-fense of our nation. They are in charge of determining functional and nonfunctional characteristics of am-munition stockpiles through inspections and tests. Because of its importance, the QASAS program re-quires a college degree, twelve months of training, followed by another twelve months in an internship capacity.

LeRoy recalls his applying to the program saying “It did take awhile to get in, but persistence is key.” He chose the QASAS career field because he enjoyed his position as an Ammunition Specialist dur-ing his time in the Army. His hometown is Fort Myers, Florida, but he has called Richmond “home” for the past three years during his assignment at BGAD.

Just a couple of weeks ago, duty called again for LeRoy when he headed out for a six month deploy-ment in Afghanistan. But for LeRoy, this is the best part of his job. “Being with the Soldiers, providing them with information and seeing the ammunition work as intended, which is ultimately the goal of my program.”

Out of approximately 218 individuals at his grade level, LeRoy was picked as the top performer. When asked about the prestigious award, LeRoy humbly replied, “It is an honor, but it would not have been possible without guidance from my mentors. They have provided me the knowledge that has ena-bled me to be the best that I can in making a positive difference to the military as a whole.”

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