Block party to help heal hurt in community

The 'Anita Franklin Community-Wide Block Party' will be September 30 at Charles Young Park

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A block party with a goal- to heal and bridge gaps between law enforcement and the community. “We are Survivors”, an organization created by the late Anita Franklin, will hold its second community block party next Friday.

“It’ll be the first one held since hers,” says Anita’s son Ricardo Franklin.

July of 2019 was the first and last community block party by Anita Franklin before she died in February of 2020. Her block party hoped to bring everyone together and provide a safe place for families to play and meet law enforcement.

“There were so many kids there and there was so much laughter and smiles there. So, being able to do this again is so heartwarming for me because I feel like it’s an extension of her,” says Franklin.

Franklin says he wants to give back to the community, especially with the recurring violence and heartbreak Lexington is seeing.

“It provides a chance to really just sit back and not have to worry about anything,” says Franklin. “You can come to a park and enjoy a park for what it is.”

The block party will held at Charles Young Park (215 Midland Avenue) from 5- 7 P.M. on September 30th.

Franklin says part of Shropshire Avenue will be closed next Friday for safety measures. As far as security at the event? Franklin says there will be plenty of sheriff’s deputies, sheriff’s office civilian employees and Lexington police officers.

“As we’re going through different problems throughout the world and our city as well, it’s just a chance to debrief and take a breather and say ‘this is what we should do’,” says Franklin. “We want to see you smile, we want to give something back.”

Franklin says he hopes to make this event annual now that the height of the pandemic has passed. He says it’s a free event and will have many games with prizes for kids like a basketball free-throw contest, egg relay race and sack race, as well as food and drinks for the community to enjoy.

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