“Black Lives Matter” sign hanging at Bryan Station High School ignites social-media firestorm

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) The “Black Lives Matter” club at Bryan Station High School has been around since last fall semester.

Fayette County School District parent Matt Dacey says, “It’s just a student group, like any other student group. We’ve got a drama club, a french club, and it’s my understanding that they’re interested in fostering racial harmony.”

But the group that’s supposedly helping breaking down barriers at the school district’s most racially diverse school’s is igniting a firestorm on social-media after a photo surfaced online of the banner meant to promote the club to students.

Bryan Station parent Jerry Dale says, “The parents are going to make it a big issue. This is going to trickle down to the kids making it a big issue which is going to creep into the school.”

Dale agrees with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but says he doesn’t believe political statements should be made at a high school with impressionable young minds.

He says, “I think an ‘All Lives Matter’ program would be better and get more kids involved in it and make more of a united front. And let the kids know that you have to stand together not apart, which i think is kind of being sent.”

But district parents like Matt Dacey and Bryan Station Principal James McMillin believe people are just misinterpreting the meaning behind the slogan.

Dacey says, “They’re not saying only black lives matter. They’re saying black lives matter too. You know people who aren’t seeing that are inserting that only into it themselves. If you listen to what this group has to say and not what third parties have to say about them they’re interested in opening dialogue. They just want to talk.”

The school is continuing to support the club which has even held a session with the police department, bringing in several officers to speak with students. The school’s spokesperson says the club is not directly affiliated with the larger”Black Lives Matter” movement.

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