Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now.Travel Deal Tuesday

Speaker 1:           Welcome back to Good Day Kentucky. We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but now there’s Travel Deal Tuesday. According to research from travel booking app Hopper, there are more discounted flights on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. So joining us today to help explain this new phenomenon is travel expert [Leanna Corwin 00:00:22]. Welcome to the show, Leanna.

Speaker 2:           Thanks so much for having me.

Speaker 1:           Now let’s get right to it. Why is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving such a great time for consumers to find travel deals?

Speaker 2:           Travel Deal Tuesday has kind of emerged as a more recent phenomenon. At Hopper, what we’re doing is taking in 10 to 15 billion prices a day in order to analyze the future cost of airfare so we can send deal notifications to our users when we detect a great price on either a flight or a hotel that they’ve asked us to watch. And consistently over the past few years, we’ve seen that we’ve sent more of those deal notifications, twice as many actually, on Travel Deal Tuesday than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. So this is really just the airline’s way of kind of adding to that post-Thanksgiving sale period.

Speaker 1:           Nice. And what destinations do you expect to be discounted on Travel Deal Tuesday?

Speaker 2:           So we’re projecting about 20% of all domestic and international fares to be on sale. So chances are if you’re wanting to go to one of the more popular destinations, you’ll probably be able to see it at least a little bit discounted on Travel Deal Tuesday. That being said, international destinations are really where you’re going to get more of that bang for your buck. We’re seeing prices up to 40% off to places like Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo. And we’re also seeing really great deals from international carriers. So these are Cathay Pacific, Iceland Air, Philippine Airlines, and South African Airways, which I mention because South African is actually going to be offering their lowest fares of the entire year on Travel Deal Tuesday. So definitely a great one to check out if you’ve been wanting to go to that region.

Speaker 1:           Awesome. Now, how does Hopper analyze and predict the flight prices with this?

Speaker 2:           Yeah, so I mentioned that we take in about 10 to 15 billion prices a day. And what we do is accumulate this vast historical archive and then kind of compare that with current pricing trends in order to predict those future prices. So on the consumer side, what it looks like really is us popping up a flight price and telling you whether it’s a good deal or whether you should be waiting for a better price. And if we’re recommending that you wait, we’ll of course send you a deal notification to make sure you don’t miss that price once it hits its lowest predicted point.

Speaker 1:           Gotcha. Gotcha. Now what’s the best way for travelers to find these travel sales and do you have any tips if they want to find the perfect winter getaway?

Speaker 2:           Yes, so really there are two tips that I’ll give. The first is if you have a specific carrier that you are loyal to, maybe you have some points with them, I definitely recommend going to their site first on Travel Deal Tuesday, pretty early in the morning actually because most fare sales start early. And on a high demand day like Travel Deal Tuesday, it’s likely that they’ll sell out pretty quickly. So my second tip is if you’re a little bit more flexible, I of course recommend downloading the Hopper app. What we’ll do is two fold. First, if you have destinations in mind, let’s say you have a bucket list of five places you’ve been wanting to go, you can just type those into the Hopper app and ask us to set up deal alerts for you. So on Travel Deal Tuesday, if we detect a great fare sale on one of those destinations, we’ll let you know about it straight to your phone. The other reason I recommend this is because if you’re not really sure where you want to go, maybe you want to check out a new place later this winter or even into early spring, we’re actually going to be listing all of the deals from your local airport right in the app.

Speaker 1:           Awesome. Now where can we go for more information, Leanna?

Speaker 2:           So if you want to check out more about Travel Deal Tuesday, you can go to and you can kind of preview some of the great deals that you’ll be able to find. And then if you also want to check out Hopper, you can go download it on the app store or the Google Play store for free.

Speaker 1:           Awesome. Well, thank you for all the great tips. We really appreciate it. And there is more Good Day Kentucky coming up. Keep it right here.

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