Bill banning male-to-female transgender student-athletes goes into effect in Kentucky

Senate Bill 83 is one of many bills going into effect starting July 14

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky General Assembly passed more than 200 bills during this year’s legislative session and most go into effect July 14.

Among the bills is the polarizing Senate Bill 83.

The new law prevents male-to-female transgender students from participating in girls’ sports starting in the sixth grade and continuing through college.

Back in April, state lawmakers voted to override Governor Beshear’s veto, sealing the bill’s fate as law. Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines spoke out in support of the bill:

“I’ve received, obviously, some backlash, calling me transphobic and things like that but I think the people saying these things are completely missing my point and my argument because I always want to be respectful of everyone, no matter who you are, and by no means am I saying that transgender athletes should not compete,” said Gaines.

Chris Hartman with the fairness campaign said he thinks people forget they are talking about children:

“[These are] middle schoolers who simply want the same opportunities to play on sports teams with their friends. It is a downright shame that legislators have prioritized this type of discrimination over other issues that are clearly affecting more Kentuckians,” said Hartman.

Governor Beshear said he originally tried to veto the bill over concerns that it may lead to lawsuits against the state, however, since both the state House and Senate voted to override the veto, the Transgender Girl Athletics Ban is now law in Kentucky.

Whether the state will see any legal action over the new law remains to be seen once youth sports seasons start back up later this year.

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