Big changes on the way for college basketball?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-Big changes could be on the way for college basketball.

A panel led by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice directed the NCAA and stakeholders to take responsibility for what Rice calls “a crisis in college basketball”.

After years in sports, Larry Glover has been focusing on news talk radio lately, but a sports story like this is getting too much talk not to talk about!

“Maybe a seismic change happening this morning on the college basketball landscape,” Glover told his audience.

Wednesday morning, the panel tasked with reforming college basketball in response to a federal corruption investigation slapped the NCAA with a critical 60 page report.

“College basketball is too precious and the fate of the young men who play it is too important not to get it right,” Rice said.

Among the many changes the panel recommends is ending “one and done”, further separating the college and professional levels.

“This question of the ‘one and done’ has been raptured and talked about ever since John Calipari brought Wall and Cousins back almost eight or nine years ago,” a caller said.

The panel wants the NBA to change rules that require players to be at least 19 and a year removed from high school.

“That’s really what’s going to happen. They’re going to open it back up and allow these freshman to just go right to the NBA out of high school, which I think they should be able to anyway,” Glover said.

The commission also urges stricter punishment for cheaters, including possible lifetime bans for coaches who do wrong.

“What about restraint of trade? Does the NCAA have the right to tell a coach you cannot earn a living coaching college basketball?” Glover asked.

He and some of his listeners don’t expect these changes to be adopted easily, if at all.

The panel’s leader acknowledges it’ll be hard work, but necessary to improve the state of the game.

“We need to make a start and a bold one to turn the ship in the right direction for the good of all involved we need to put the college back in college basketball,” Rice said.

If you’re wondering how Coach Calipari feels about the proposed changes, he tweeted about it Wednesday.

He wrote he hasn’t gotten to look at the recommendations yet because he had a minor surgery Tuesday that will keep him in the hospital for a couple days.

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