Big Ass Fans creates new invention to disinfect air, battle COVID-19

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington based fan company, Big Ass Fans, created a new hybrid of two of its products, a ceiling fan combined with UV-C light technology to disinfect and filter out clean air.

Alex Risen spokesperson for Big Ass Fans says the UV-C light technology isn’t new, it was originally a part of a project battling tuberculosis.

The invention came together when the pandemic shut things down in Kentucky back in March.

Now, it’s called the Haiku with UV-C . It rolled out in the middle of July.

Lexington restaurant, Bear & The Butcher, is one place the fans are already installed.

Glenn Cox is the general manager and says he wanted to jump on the technology.

“Coming here not only are you going to see people with masks and gloves and sanitizing properly, but we’re taking that next step with these UV fans,” Cox said.

“The way the circulation patterns were running, you can filter basically every single bit of air, and circulate it back through, so that you really get the maximum efficiency of that light fixture,” Risen said.

Outdoor seating is the choice of many customers right now, but Cox says he hopes with these fans and UV lights cleaning the air inside people will feel safe indoors too.

“If you walk into a place and you don’t feel safe, given the circumstances that we’re in right now, I mean I know myself, I’ve walked right out of a place before,” Cox said.

And with indoor seating capacity at 25 percent, Cox says he’ll take anything he can get to help.

“And we’re not going anywhere, we’re hanging tough, we’ll be here,” he said.

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