Better Business Bureau warns of Cyber Monday online scams

BBB says if you shop make sure it's from a reputable seller

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Cyber Monday, a day where you can shop at your own leisure, whether you’re at home or on your lunch break at work.

Retailers and local shops tend to announce big sales, but sometimes those sales can become a black hole that can lead to unknown websites and sellers.

“More people than ever are falling for online scams, and many of those are online purchases. This is due to the fact that people don’t check out who it is they’re buying from,” warns Heather Clary, a spokesperson of the Better Business Bureau. “So this holiday season, you may see a great bargain to jump on on some website that popped up somewhere. But don’t assume that it’s necessarily legit, especially if you see red flags, like a high demand item that’s readily available, something that is priced too low to be true.”

Clary adds that the best way to keep yourself protected is to buy from a reputable seller, and if you’re planning on paying with a card — make sure it’s a credit card.

“If a website will not take credit cards at all, but they want you to use a digital pay method like Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, things like that only, that can be a red flag as well,” Clary says.

Savane Silver has been in Lexington since the late 90’s. The shop has also resorted to turning to online sales.

Rachael Savane says since its inception, it’s been a growing process, but one that she wouldn’t change.

“It’s growing but still the brick and mortar is the most significant portion but, hey, I’m good with growth because that’s called the right direction,” added Savane.

She also adds that since going online, she’s been able to create an experience for her customers and her future potential customers.

The BBB adds that if something seems off, you can always check how reputable the business may be by looking for them at the BBB’s website.

You can also find the scam tracker where you can report it to the BBB if you’ve been scammed or almost scammed.

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