Best friends support each other 1,700 miles apart

OLIVE HILL, Ky. (WTVQ) – True friendship can’t be separated by distance. This is certainly the case for two women who have stayed close for 30 years.

Mary Johnson and Soni Conley are best friends in every sense of the words.

The two met while students at Morehead State University and have been close ever since, even though they live 1,700 miles apart. Soni lives in Olive Hill, while Mary, a Magoffin County native, lives in Utah.

“She’s been there for me when I’ve needed her,” shared Johnson. “We don’t often find friends that you have that connection that you can be separated for many years with distance and time and you reconnect and you just pick up where you left off. And that’s the friendship that I have with her.”

When Soni found out she was facing stage three colorectal cancer, Mary knew she had to support her in any way she could. So, she decided to walk the distance between them in honor of Soni.

“I’m not there to be with her to support her through this with distance and it was just a way for her to know that I’m supporting her from a distance,” Johnson said. “And so, through Facebook I’m able to keep her updated on my progress and just for her to know I’m there and she’s not fighting alone.”

Mary walks in her neighborhood, on a treadmill and at her job with UPS. They share pictures, videos, messages and gifts. So far, Mary has walked close to 600 miles.

“She would give you, like people say, the shirt off your back – she literally would if you was cold. I mean, she just, she’s just got a good heart. She really does and she deserves to be recognized for doing this,” said Conley.

Soni is still on chemotherapy, but it is now preventative. She says Mary’s support has helped her get where she is.

“A lot of people dream of having the perfect friend and I found mine,” shared Conley.

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