Beshear talks pandemic, lessons learned, urges Kentuckians to apply for eviction relief

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Governor Beshear on Wednesday talked the pandemic, lessons learned and his ‘Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund.’

Beshear said we’re not completely out of the woods of the pandemic yet, but the progress made on the vaccine front is promising. More than 2 million Kentuckians got their first dose.

“It’s a pretty incredible place to be given where we’ve been in the last 16 months,” Beshear said. “We’re recovering much faster than most states and faster than anybody anticipated.”

But that recovery came at a political price. Beshear faced criticism, impeachment petitions, legislative pushback, and there’s an ongoing lawsuit against him before the state supreme court.

“There were decisions that were going to be unpopular no matter what, but they were truly life and death, and I came to peace with that,” Beshear said.

Unemployment was a constant battle during the pandemic.

Beshear says the failure was a mix of using an outdated system and not having enough people to handle the record number of claims due to previous staff cuts during other administrations.

“Certainly going into the future, it oughta teach us all a lesson – if during good times, you cut your safety net, and you cut your ability to respond to bad times, this happens,” Beshear said.

Part of the bad times include people who can’t pay their rent because they lost their job during the pandemic. Beshear urges them to apply for help through the healthy at home eviction relief fund.

“Landlord gets 100-percent of what they were owed. The individual doesn’t have debt to follow them and has a place to live and the opportunity to get back into the work force,” Beshear said.

If you live in Lexington, apply here.

If you live in Louisville, apply here.

If you live anywhere else in Kentucky, apply here.

Vaccinated Kentuckians can also sign-up for a shot at a million dollars and a full ride scholarship.

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