Berea Schools need help raising $75,000 to provide inclusive playground for students with disabilities

BEREA, Ky. (ABC 36) – The Berea community schools are raising money to provide students and the community with an inclusive playground for those with disabilities.

Educators in the Berea School District say they are passionate about providing a playground where every student can play.

Ashley Hammond with the playground committee says that this project has been in the works for two years now.

The potential new playground would be modifications to the current playground. It would include a wheelchair accessible swing, an ultra glider which is similar to a merry go round and a handicap accessible slide.

So far they have raised $50,000 for the project.

The school has also obtained a grant from the state that would cover 75% of the ground needed for the playground, which would be an asphalt type ground, accessible for wheelchair use.

But they have to raise more money soon to keep that grant.

“I think back at school recess time and I loved to go on the swings and the thought of a child not being able to make that choice…it breaks my heart. Every child deserves to play and every adult, every person, regardless of disability deserves to feel included” said Ashley Hammond.

They need to raise an additional $75,000 this coming Friday February 12th to keep the grant.

Hammond added that if they don’t reach the amount they need–they will not give up on the project and will continue raising the money.

They are partnered with the Kendyl and Friends Foundation, you can find a link to donate here.

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