Organic Produce & More at the Berea College Farm Store

BEREA, Ky. (WTVQ) – Berea College Farm Store is the retail outlet for Berea College Farm, one of the oldest operating student educational farms in the United States. Purchases from the store directly support education for promising students with financial need. Be sure to stop by the next time you’re in Berea!

The Farm Store sells fresh organic produce, grains, meats, dairy and more. The store also sells items from surrounding farms and small businesses in the area. However, the students working at Berea College Farm grow nearly all of the items at the store.

Likewise, everything grown and raised on the Berea College Farm is either sold at the Farm Store or sold to the dining hall at Berea College. Emma, the Berea College student we spoke with today, told us that she is proud to have a part in providing healthy, fresh nutrition options for her fellow students. 

The Berea College Farm is a certified organic farm, which is a difficult certification to attain. Organic farms can’t rely on pesticides and other chemicals to keep weeds, pests and other threats at bay, so they require more human labor. Because of this effort, the farm is proud to be able to supply organic products to the Berea community and surrounding areas.

The Berea College Farm originally participated in farmers’ markets to sell their products. They opened the Farm Store as a way to sell throughout the year. The store is also a storage location for grains, meats and more until they can be processed.

Be sure to check out this incredible organic and local store located in Berea, Kentucky!

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