Benefit concert for families impacted by explosion in Lincoln County

STANDFORD, Ky. (WTVQ) – Steve Dixon wanted to get a couple of bands together to play for the families in Lincoln County.

What he didn’t expect was to organize nine bands to come together and multiple surrounding counties to get involved to help out and donate money.

“I live in Pulaski County and these guys that’s on stage right now live in Jamestown. We’ve got bands coming from all counties around to help support this one county, this community. my guitar player was a mile away from the actual explosion. it home, it hit home hard,” Dixon said.

All of the money raised at the event is going to the victims of the gas pipeline explosion that happened earlier this month. It killed one person and injured six others.

Hope Hardwick and Erin Thomas say they came to show their support and listen to good music.

“Vagabond Blue, Gravel Switch, Raised on Dirt, I mean they just all come from these small towns around here and that’s why I say it’s such a good feeling living in a small town when you know you’ve got people like this to back you up,” Thomas said.

They also say ten dollars to get in is so little but can help so much.

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