The Battle of Richmond Remembered

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ)-Kentucky patriots honored those who fought in the Civil War’s Battle of Richmond at a ceremony today at the Richmond Cemetery. The Union soldiers made their line at the cemetery facing east as the Confederate Army came up the hill on what is now US 25 to meet them there.

Regardless of the color of their uniform or the banner of the flag that they flew Kentuckians joined together to pay their respects to those who gave their lives in the Battle of Richmond in August of 1862.

Madison County Historian Phillip Seyfrit says, “At the end of the day the Union Army ceased to exist”

Union and Confederate soldiers were evenly matched in number, about 7,000 on either side, but Seyfrit says the Union soldiers lacked strength.

“They were extremely inexperienced. Most of them were from Indiana, a little bit from Ohio, a little bit from Kentucky and Michigan. But they had not been in the service for just two weeks and they really got a baptism by fire here.”

More than 4,000 Union soldiers were captured as paroles North of Richmond, signing a paper they would never fight again. Despite the bitter defeat both sides are honored for their sacrifice.

Seyfrit says, “Because they are American soldiers. And they fought for the cause that they believe and we don’t see a color of uniform anymore. We’re just seeing soldiers that didn’t get to go home.”

While there are about 100 confederate soldiers buried at the Richmond Cemetery now, during the time of the actual battle many of these graves weren’t here giving them room to fight. About 100 Union soldiers also lost their lives. They’ve since been moved to Camp Nelson.

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