Battery Troubleshooting

Have this ever happened to you – you get in the car in the morning to head to work, but your car just won’t start?

Here’s the problem – a dead battery.

A dead battery may be caused by something as simple as a light left on or a door left ajar overnight. This will easily drain your battery down and give you potential problems in the morning.

An easy solution is to pop the hood, jump the car battery and just let it run and charge for a few minutes.

Once it’s been charging for a while, then you can check for interior lights.

If you know you haven’t left the door ajar or a light on, maybe you just have a bad battery and it’s time to get it checked.

A typical battery’s lifespan is three to five years depending on the driving conditions.

If you’re unsure of your battery’s date, inspect the battery for a manufacturer’s date.

A good tip is, when you replace your battery, if it doesn’t already have a date on it, write it on the battery or even on a piece of tape and stick it directly to the top of the battery so you can always check it and remember when you installed it last.

If you’re unsure of your battery’s age, you can always have it professionally checked.

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