Barr and McGrath make final pitch to voters

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Both Andy Barr and Amy McGrath were greeted to rowdy ovations at their campaign offices one day before election day.

“Paychecks are growing, jobs are being created and there is a renewed sense of confidence and hope in America once again,” Barr told supporters.

“A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks in our country and we need better leaders,” McGrath told her supporters.

With just hours left in the campaign, we asked the candidates how they would tackle key issues if elected Tuesday. Mcgrath says she’d work to fully fund the VA.

“When I go to the VA, and I get some of my health care through the VA, and I talk to folks there, we have three people doing the job of eight,” said McGrath.

We asked Barr how he’d tackle rising deficits if his party can’t get entitlement reform done if democrats take back the house.

“We need to empower people to escape poverty through work, through the dignity of work, and that has the virtuous side effect of reducing the deficit,” said Barr.

Both candidates say they’d work in a bipartisan manner no matter which party controls the house after election day.

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