Baby Wipes Recalled Over Possible Bacterial Contamination

There was an important recall issued that involved several different brands of baby wipes.

Nutek Disposables said some of its products could have been contaminated with bacteria.

The company did some tests after it said it received complaints about rashes, irritations and fevers.

The recalled wipes applied to products sold under brand names that included Cuties, Freds, Femtex, Kidgets, Sunny Smiles, Simply Right, Member’s Mark, Tender Touch and Well Beginnings.

The wipes were distributed by Nutek before October 21st to Walgreen’s, Sam’s Club, Family Dollar, Freds and

Nutek said it had not yet pinpointed how the bacteria got into the supply.

Customers could return the wipes to the stores for a full refund.

They could also call the company at 1-855-646-4351.

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