Avoid Door Dings as the Sales Ring

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – AAA is urging divers to take a few precautions if they are venturing into Mall parking lots this Friday and Saturday.

An estimated 150,00 shoppers will be visiting Fayette Mall this weekend, other shopping areas will also be extra busy.

Parking perils include door dings, fender benders backing out, and locking the keys in the car.

A few precautions can prevent car owners from having a bad experience as they rush to take advantage of pre-holiday sales. There were 8,716 parked vehicle collisions in Kentucky last year according to the Kentucky State Police.

AAA offers the following tips for drivers parking in mall parking lots this weekend:

*The best parking place is between two newer model four-door compact cars. The smaller the car, the more space between the cars. New car owners are more likely to be mindful not to ding their car or yours.

*Avoid parking at the unprotected end of a row. Many crashes occur at parking lot intersections involving moving cars being pushed into parked cars.

*If possible back into a parking space. It is safer to pull forward into traffic when leaving.

*Never pull through if spaces are angled. Most parking lots with angled spaces have one way parking lanes. If you pull through you’ll be heading in the wrong direction when you leave.

*Drive slowly, watch for distracted pedestrians who are not paying attention to traffic.

*As you walk to your car look for tail lights coming on that indicate someone is getting ready to back out and may or may not see you.

*Keep a spare key handy.

*Hide all valuables in the trunk or out of view of would be thieves.

*Before you exit the mall, have your car keys in hand and ready to use.

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