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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Jason Myers

Chief Meteorologist Jason Myers weather forecasts can be seen weekday evenings on ABC 36 at 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm, 10pm (MyKY 36.2), and 11pm. Jason’s forecasts have been awarded “Most Accurate Weather Forecast” in Central and Eastern Kentucky by WeatheRate each year Jason has been at ABC 36. Jason understands the complexities of forecasting everything from severe thunderstorms to snow and hurricanes to keep you and your family safe. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology with a Communication Concentration from North Carolina State University and has earned the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval. His interest in weather began in the third grade when he made a weather station for a science project. In high school, Jason decided to become a broadcast meteorologist, combining his love for both people and weather. A North Carolina native, Jason is no stranger to the Lexington area. Jason spent time visiting the Lexington area as a kid, while his Dad completed his Doctor of Ministry at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, KY. When Jason is not tracking the weather, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, doing everything from biking and camping, to coaching his son’s basketball team and playing tennis. Jason is also excited about serving and supporting the community through St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, God’s Pantry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, and Buck Run Baptist Church. If you ever see Jason out and about, stop and talk to him, as he loves to make a new friend. If you would like to contact Jason for a school or civic group weather talk, or you just have a question about the weather, feel free to contact him at JMyers@wtvq.com.

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Rain showers early tonight, with sunshine for Thursday

Mostly sunny skies develop for Thursday, with a high temperature of 49 degrees.

Rain showers develop for Wednesday & Saturday this week

Mostly cloudy skies and scattered rain showers develop, with a high of 56 degrees.

Partly cloudy for Tuesday, with rain by late Wednesday

Partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures develop Tuesday, with a high temperature of 50 degrees.

Coldest temperatures of the season develop tonight

We will have a dry and chilly Veterans Day Saturday, with rain chances late Sunday.

Colder temperatures develop for Friday

Friday will be mostly sunny and cold, with a high of only 40 degrees.

Chilly temperatures stay in the forecast

Mostly sunny skies develop for Thursday, with a high of 54 degrees.

A chilly drizzle overnight into early Wednesday

A few morning rain showers are possible Wednesday, with clearing skies into the afternoon hours.

Rainy and chilly for Tuesday

Cloudy skies and scattered rain showers are possible, with a high temperature of 49 degrees.

Warm temperatures develop for the weekend, with spotty rain

Spotty rain showers are possible this weekend, with highs in the 70s.

Mild temperatures continue with rain possible at times

Scattered rain showers will be possible Friday, with a high temperature of 65 degrees.

Spotty rain, mild, and breezy for Thursday

Mostly cloudy skies and a few rain showers linger, with a mild high of 70 degrees.

Rain showers return for Wednesday

Mostly cloudy skies and scattered rain showers will be possible, with a high temperature of 56 degrees.

Dry and chilly for Halloween Tuesday

Partly cloudy skies and chilly temperatures stay around for Halloween, with a high of 48 degrees.

Rainy and chilly start to the weekend

Cloudy skies, rain showers, and chilly temperatures develop for Saturday, with a high of 45 degrees.

Mild and breezy for Friday, with late day rain showers

Mostly cloudy skies and mild temperatures develop, with a high of 68 degrees.

Warm temperatures continue, with increasing rain chances

Partly cloudy skies will develop for Thursday, with the chance for a few isolated rain showers and thunderstorms.

Mostly sunny and pleasant Thursday

Mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures will be around for Thursday, with a high temperature of 70 degrees.

Rain chances continue into Wednesday

Cloudy skies continue with scattered rain showers possible, for especially early in the day. Wednesday temperatures will remain below normal, with highs around 67 degrees.

Light rain to drizzle tonight with chilly temperatures

Scattered rain showers will continue tonight, with an overnight low temperature of 49 degrees.