Attorneys believe fax supposedly from Eric C. Conn is genuine

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Someone claiming to be disgraced lawyer-on-the-run Eric Conn continues to communicate this week with local news outlets and attorneys. The lawyer for Conn’s former clients says he received a fax Monday, and he is confident it came from Conn.

The fax references Dr. Alfred Bradley Adkins who was just convicted Monday by a federal jury. Adkins was convicted of falsifying medical records to help Conn’s clients get disability benefits. In the fax, the person claiming to be Conn sets out his opinion of the Adkins case.

The attorneys fighting against Conn say it is just another display of Conn’s manipulative ego.

According to the FBI, thee former disability lawyer was on house arrest when he cut off his ankle monitor and ran two weeks ago. Conn was set to be sentenced next month for defrauding the government out of more than half a billion dollars.

Now, the attorney representing 1,500 of Conn’s former clients says he got a fax Monday, the latest communication from someone claiming to be the disgraced attorney. Over the phone, Ned Pillersdorf said he thinks the author is likely Conn.

“I thought the fax was very manipulative. He was basically spinning his version of the injustice done to him,” Pillersdorf said.

The author writes, “…the man deserves an opportunity to defend himself…’ then goes on to discredit two witnesses in the case. The person claiming to be Conn writes the government concealed their wrongdoing so it could use them against the doctor. Over the phone, the women’s attorney Mark Wohlander told ABC 36 Conn is a narcissist who sees him and Pillersdorf as responsible for his downfall.

“He thinks everybody else has done wrong and he should be placed on a pedestal and we should give in to his demands,” Wohlander said.

Pillersdorf says the fax only shifts focus away from the people Conn’s escape hurts the most.

“No one is really talking about the real humanitarian crisis that we have 800 people around here, his former clients, who have lost their benefits and are really struggling,” Pillersdorf said.

Wohlander says Conn has only done more damage for himself too. He says now, he will probably end up in a federal penitentiary.

“They will find him. He will be found. It may take some time. It may take some years, but he will be found,” Wohlander, a former FBI agent, said.

There have been other communications from someone claiming to be Conn. The Herald-Leader reports it got emails over the weekend laying out terms for his surrender. Conn’s attorney also apparently got those emails. ABC 36 left messages for him, but he has not responded.

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