Attorney General Daniel Cameron discusses recent state Supreme Court ruling with lawmakers

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Wednesday, Attorney General Daniel Cameron visited lawmakers at the capitol to share his opinion on a recent state supreme court ruling, clearing the way for new states laws limiting the Governor’s powers during an emergency.
Political views aside, lawmakers generally agreed that the State Supreme Court’s August 21 ruling marks a historic moment for the state. In a big defeat for Governor Andy Beshear, the court decided lower courts shouldn’t block new state laws limiting the governor’s power to enact Coronavirus emergency orders. In a meeting with Beshear’s opponent in the case, Attorney General Daniel Cameron, republican Representative Jason Nemes from Louisville called it a “seminal moment.”

“The governor was arguing that he alone got to declare when an emergency existed he alone determined how to respond to that emergency and he alone got to determine how long his declared emergency existed..The supreme court…said…No,” said Representative Nemes.

While the ruling made it clear the legislature handles policy. It also didn’t put all the power in its hands. The suggestion is the overall goal is cooperation in a time of crisis.

“He can call in the session..That is a power that is given expressly to him..So I hope you are all able to work together to do that,” says Cameron.

The ruling didn’t address such issues as businesses requiring vaccines for workers.
When republican Sen. Damon Thayer of Georgetown asked whether the governor broke the law, a prelude to impeachment, Cameron stayed with the law.

“I’m not going to say or pass judgement on the Governor here without taking under advisement,” says Cameron.

Lawmakers are holding a series of hearings this week on the court ruling and related issues such as schools, prisons and jails and health care in preparation for a special session expected to be called soon.

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