Attorney General Beshear looks back on 2016, plans ahead for 2017

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- Attorney General Andy Beshear says 2016 has been a busy year and plans for the next three years of his term in office to likely be busier.

At the front of the minds of many across the state is Beshear’s contentious relationship with Republican Governor Matt Bevin. While Beshear acknowledges the time spent fighting Bevin in court, the attorney general still says he’s accomplished many goals in 2016.

“I stand ready to work with the governor at any time and on anything we agree on,” says Beshear. “And the lawsuits I’ve had to file against the governor, they are not personal and they are not political because I believe in each and every one of those there’s been a violation of the constitution or a violation of the law and the courts have found I’m right.”

Aside from his work with and against the governor, Beshear says his “Scam Alerts” startup has been a success, citing the more than 5,000 people signed up to help senior citizens avoid getting robbed.

Beshear recalls recovering $50,000 for an Elizabethtown woman, telling the story of how he drove her the check himself.

In addition to that, Beshear says his biggest win of his first year is being able to prevent and prosecute crimes against children.

“We have shattered every record from the past on arrests and convictions, over 80 this year of child sex offenders. And what that means is, your viewers community is safer and my community is safer and we’ve done it all over the commonwealth and not just in one particular area.”

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