Asian anti-hate discussion at UK

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – In light of the explosion in hate crimes in this country against asians and asian-americans, the University of Kentucky held an event to show support for these communities.

A panel of faculty, staff and students discussed their experiences in Lexington and what people can do to help.

One man shared, a co-worker asked if he brought COVID-19 into the hospital.

A UK professor says she always felt safe in Lexington until recently.

Huajing Maske said, “I was very much disturbed by the violence and racism towards asian-american and pacific islanders nationwide however I had a thought, “Hmm, Lexington was an oasis when it comes to anti-asian hate.” How wrong I was.”

She says while she was at an anti-hate rally a couple weeks ago she saw someone commit an act of hate toward an event organizer.

All panel members made a point to remind people that everyone’s experience is different, and just because you don’t see the hate, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

They say if you see it, speak out.

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