Army Vet Saves Liberty’s Independence Day Parade

City leaders in Liberty decided to cancel its Independence Day parade because of lack of interest. 

One Army Veteran wasn’t going to have it and has rallied community support to save the parade.

Glen Phillips Jr. believes July 4th is the most important day of the year for America so when he found out parts of the city’s Independence Day Celebration were cancelled, he was shocked.

Blaine Staat, director of the Chamber of Commerce, said the city is still planning a 4th of July celebration but cancelled the children’s parade because there wasn’t enough support. 

Phillips, with the help of others, decided to plan the entire parade in just eight days.

He said it’s important for kids to never forget the sacrifices people have made for the country.

Staat and Phillips agree this once cancelled parade is reinvigorating July 4th in Liberty.

“Sometimes freedom needs a little help now and then.  She needs a little kick, a little push along the road and that’s just what we did here,” said Phililps.

“It’s going to turn out to be a really good thing because there are so many more people involved,” said Staat.

City leaders said this is the start of something great and they encourage people in other cities to set-up and help where they live before helped is asked.

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