Another storm threats to wash away more beach

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WTVQ/WWAY) — Just after Oak Island finished a renourishment project on the beach, Hurricane Florence rolled through. Now, the town is assessing damage from the storm while trying to prepare for Michael.

It looks like Florence did wear down parts of the beach, but the dunes are still standing. With Michael on its way, the beach could be at risk for even more erosion once again.

The beaches in Oak Island were nailed by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, forcing the entire pier to be replaced.

Town officials have also been working to restore the beaches, finishing a renourishment project just back in August.

With all the wear and tear on the beach though, some people say after Michael it might need the renourishment more than ever.

“If they don’t repair it, it’s going to be worse and it’s just not going to be a beach at all. It’s going to start coming in and taking everything out,” Jeff Fleenor, TD Eure Marine Construction, said. “So they do have to do the beach repair. They do need to pump the sand back in and make it like it’s supposed to be.”

Fleenor has been here with his company since Matthew to repair the pier. He says he does not know how much more the beach can take.

WWAY made several calls in to the town manager but we didn’t hear back.

One town official says they will keep doing the renourishment project after Michael passes in hopes of repairing the beach.

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