Another round of P-EBT benefits coming to families

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky has been approved by the USDA to provide Round 3 of P-EBT benefits to all eligible students to cover the period of October 2020 through May 2021. Below is the summary information for Round 3 of P-EBT benefits.

How are students identified?

  • KDE will be providing CHFS the list of all eligible public school students monthly beginning in March. All students who are primarily enrolled in a CEP school and students that are free or reduced-price lunch eligible at non-CEP schools, as indicated in Infinite Campus, are eligible.

How much will eligible students receive?

  • The daily benefit amount is $6.82.
  • All students that are primarily enrolled in a school that is predominantly VIRTUAL will receive 20 days of benefits for the month.
  • All students that are primarily enrolled in a school that is predominantly HYBRID will receive 12 days of benefits for the month.
  • All students that are primarily enrolled in a school that is predominantly IN-PERSON are not eligible for any benefits for the month.
    • Note: The predominant instructional model will be defined by the school district via CHFS survey.
  • The first allotment of benefits will cover October through February. Benefits for March through June will then be issued retroactively on a monthly basis by the 25th calendar day of the following month.
    • Example: A student at a school that has been predominantly virtual since October will receive $682 to cover the period of October through February (5 months, 20 days per month, at $6.82 per day). They will then receive $136.40 ($6.82 x 20 days) or $81.84 ($6.82 x 12 days) monthly for March through the end of the school year based on the predominant learning model at their school for each specific month.

How will students receive the benefit?

  • All benefits will automatically be provided to the student’s previous P-EBT card for August and September unless they currently receive SNAP, where the benefit will then be added to their current SNAP benefit card instead.
  • Families can simply request a replacement card if they no longer have the previous card.
  • Newly enrolled students that did not receive the August and September benefit cards will be automatically mailed a new card.

How will eligibility and benefit amount corrections be made?

  • CHFS will be providing a reconsideration request process for families. A request may be made by calling  1-855-306-8959.Families will be asked to provide  proof of the discrepancy.
    • Example: A student who is 100% virtual, but attends a predominantly hybrid school will be able to request 20 days of benefits for the month instead of the 12 days that will be automatically provided based on their specific school’s predominant learning model.

How to prepare to ensure families get support for their P-EBT related questions?

  • Visit the  CHFS P-EBT webpage for FAQs and share program information with everyone involved.
  • Clearly communicate to stakeholders that all individuals with P-EBT questions should be directed to call  1-855-306-8959, including reconsideration requests.
  • Please find the P-EBT graphical FAQ flyer for Round 3 attached that can be shared with families.
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