Animal Control Looking for Pit Bull After Attack

A woman is recovering after a dog attack in Lexington.

Stacey Earley said she was out this morning, walking her own dog, when she said two pit bulls came after her and her dog.

Animal Control said they only have found one of the dogs.

Earley said she was walking down West Fifth Street around 7:30 Wednesday morning when she said two pit bulls seemed to come out of nowhere and started attacking.

She said the two dogs were not on leashes.

She said she tried to kick the dogs away but they just kept biting.

Animal Control officers said it was only one of the pit bulls that got into the scuffle; they said the other dog stayed across the street.

Officers said before they got to the scene, someone put the dog involved in the attack into a car, saying they were going to take it to the owner’s house.

Officers have the other pit bull in quarantine but are still looking for the dog in the attack.

They also have Earley’s dog on ‘house quarantine.’

Police said Earley and her dog were both bit multiple times.

Some neighbors saw everything unfold.  One of them fired a shotgun in the air which scared the pit bulls and they ran off.

 “She seemed like she came out pretty good considering what had happened, I mean it could have been a lot worse and her dog’s probably got a few puncture marks on it but it’s in pretty good shape considering it had that dog attack it,” said Shawn Goheen, Earley’s neighbor who called 911.
Animal Control said they will continue to patrol that area looking for the pit bull and its owner.

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