UPDATE: Anderson Co. family still in need of new driveway for disabled son

UPDATE 2/10/16:

The Pack family contacted the station, and say that they’ve received $1,500 in donations for their driveway.  The cost of the project, however, is about $5,500.  Read below and watch the video to find out how you can help.


MT. EDEN, Ky. (WTVQ)- Previous heavy rain and impending winter weather have a Anderson County family realizing just how precarious their situation is, especially when it comes to accessibility to their rural home.

It’s Thursday afternoon. Robin and Rick Pack stand around their son, Caleb. They say the bright lights of an ABC 36 camera don’t bother him, he’s always been a “ham” for the camera. They share a photograph for proof. It’s of Caleb, stretched out on a bed, cowboy hat and boots on in a silly pose.

Fast-forward to the present, Caleb is confined to a bed for the most part. His family says he was eight years old when we went to the hospital with a stomach virus. Shortly after, they say, his heart stopped but while doctors were giving Robin and Rick their condolences, it started beating again. That news is good but the amount of time Caleb’s heart stopped pumping oxygen to his brain would wasn’t. His family will care for him the rest of his and their lives. Spend any amount of time with the Pack’s, you’ll realize it’s a task they’re grateful for.

“We spent three months in the hospital and two weeks at rehab center, learning how to take care of him, what to do when we brought him home,” says Robin, Caleb’s mother.

The family didn’t think, six years ago, bringing Caleb home would be one of the easier parts. Another challenge is making their livelihood even more difficult: their driveway.

The Pack’s say years of changing weather have left the main driveway to their Anderson County home in deplorable condition. Water from years of rain continues to wash the gravel away, creating large ruts and canyons where vehicles should be driving. Their secondary driveway isn’t in much better shape and that’s causing problems as well.

“They would not be able to get down here in the winter at all, that even our back driveway which is passable that they couldn’t come,” says Robin. She’s referring to the ambulances that are necessary to transport Caleb to and from appointments. She says the companies they use aren’t able to make it to their home any longer.

In addition to that problem, Robin says important medication and supplies aren’t being delivered because trucks can’t make it to their home.

Right now, there are efforts to get the Pack family help. Downtownlawrenceburgky.com told their story on its website, sharing a video and the organization raising funds for the family.

The following was published on the website:

“Due to limited support and with only one of them able to work, Caleb’s parents are reaching out to the community to help fix the main driveway so ambulances can reach the home.  The LIGHT Center is currently accepting donations for the family.  They’re located at 700 West Broadway Suite #3 (phone number 502-859-0670).  Please mark all donations for the Caleb Pack Fund.  Donations could also be done online via the LIGHT Center’s donation page.  All donations are tax deductible.”

You can also learn more about Caleb’s story through his Facebook page: Caleb’s Miracle.

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