Almost 5,000 new cases in state, 1,275 in people under 18

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Not long ago, 1,275 cases would have been a bad day for new COVID cases in Kentucky.

Thursday, that was just the number of people 18 and under who were reported in new cases.

Overall, the state had 4,836 new cases as the state’s surge continues on an almost vertical climb with new records being set almost daily.

In a video report, Beshear said the 4,836 cases was the third highest single day since the pandemic began 17 months ago.

The governor also reported a positivity rate of 12.75% and an 87.53 incidence rate for Kentuckians age 10-19.

Thursday’s numbers were up from 3,576 cases Wednesday when the positivity rate was 12.59%.

The 1,275 new cases in people 18 and under dwarfed the 989 in people 18 or under reported Wednesday.

The state now has registered 530,573 cases since March 2020.

The state again reported nine new deaths which raised the total lost to virus-related causes to 7,477.

The hospitalizations and related numbers also continue a rapid climb, with 1,708 people in the hospital Thursday, up from 1,658 people Wednesday, 1,603 Tuesday, 1,528 Monday, 1,424 reported Friday, 1,371 people last Thursday, 1,327 last Wednesday, and 1,251 last Tuesday.

In addition, 481 people are in ICU, up from 466 Wednesday, 441 Tuesday, 429 people Monday, 391 Friday, 357 last Thursday, 363 last Wednesday, 339 last Tuesday, and 331 last Monday.

Meanwhile, 242 people are on a ventilator, up from 229 people Wednesday, 238 Tuesday, 224 Monday, 185 Friday, 169 Thursday and Wednesday, and 168 last Tuesday.

Of the state’s hospital beds, 69.5% are occupied, up from 69.4% Wednesday; of the ICU beds, 69.1% are occupied and of the available ventilators, only 34% are in use.

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