Alleged Puppy Mill Found In Lexington, Dogs Need New Home

Lexington Fayette Animal Care and Control rescued 31 Pomeranian dogs from a Lexington home in an alleged puppy mill.

Authorities said the dogs were found living in some of the worst conditions they had seen in years, living in their own filth for days on end.

Barbara Combs has been cited for the alleged crimes.

The Lexington Humane Society is now caring for all the dogs. Many of them are still in foster care, but four of the dogs are now up for adoption at the Lexington Petsmart in Hamburg.

Chief Nathan Bowling from Fayette County’s animal control said dog hoarding cases are less in common in Lexington compared to more rural areas since.

He said, "We have more restrictive laws such as the kenneling law here in Fayette County. That limits lots of folks."

Bowling said he would still like to see a repeat offender violation since many offenders continue to break the law after they pay their fines.

While the Lexington Humane Society prefers you adopt, Bowling said you can usually avoid bad dog breeders.

He said to research the breeder and ask to see their facility.

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