UPDATE: Campbell Co. Emergency Management confirms 2 Zika cases in N. KY

ALEXANDRIA, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Campbell Co. Office of Emergency Management has confirmed that there are 2 cases of Zika in Campbell Co.

Police in Alexandria alerted the public today that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture sprayed a chemical in the neighborhood of the affected people, without notification.

In a statement from the Campbell Co. Office of Emergency Management, they defend the spraying as a means to prevent any infection from spraying.  They are also assuring the public that the product used is registered for use by the Environmental Protection Agency, and are safe to use around people or pets.


11:57 a.m.

Police in Alexandria say that a person in the community has contracted the Zika virus while traveling.

Officers say that over the weekend, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, directed by the Northern Kentucky Health District, sprayed a chemical called Duet Adultcide in the neighborhood of the infected person.  Information on the chemical can be found at http://www.co.hernando.fl.us/mosquito/pdf/Duet_MSDS.pdf.

Officers say that the chemical was sprayed without public notification, and are prompting area residents to keep their doors and windows closed overnight.

Police say they were also not notified before Wednesday.

The manufacturer’s website says the chemical has the potential to affect aquatic life and crops, according to police.

The police department is asking anyone in the area who experiences symptoms of irritation to seek medical help.

For more information on symptoms, treatment, and exposure to Zika, visit https://www.cdc.gov/zika/symptoms/.


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