AG seeks civil fines against Lexington-based home improvement business

FRANKFORT, KY. (WTVQ)Attorney General Andy Beshear says that his office is seeking civil fines and restitution against American Home Design Inc. and its owner, Jerod Hagen, for alleged violations of the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act.

The company does business under the name “Sunrooms and More LLC,” and provides home remodeling services in Central and Northern Kentucky, particularly sunroom additions.

The Attorney General says that after over 70 consumer complaints, his Office issued a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) for information back in March.  Beshear’s action against the company comes after American Home Design Inc. provided only a partial response to the request, according to the Attorney General.

Beshear says, on multiple occasions, the defendants failed to obtain building permits, and either didn’t complete work or wouldn’t rectify defective work.  Beshear also claims the company misrepresented products to customers and refused to honor valid cancellation notices under state law.

Beshear is asking a judge to order the defendants to fully respond to his office, provide restitution for consumers, correct sales and contractual practices, and prevent future violations or risk the withdrawal of their certificate to do business in Kentucky.

“I have made protecting Kentucky families a core mission of my office,” Beshear said. “I am committed to doing what is needed to ensure that all companies and business owners abide by our Consumer Protection Act and treat Kentucky consumers with respect.”

Customers who have been wronged by the defendants and have not already filed a complaint with either the Office of the Attorney General or the Better Business Bureau should file a report with the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection. Complaints may be filed online. Forms are also available online to download.

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