Advocates host Planned Parenthood Rally at the Capitol

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- Advocates for Planned Parenthood were out at the capitol Thursday rallying support for reproductive rights.

More than one hundred supporters of planned parenthood packed into the capitol rotunda calling on lawmakers to make access to reproductive health easier for Kentuckians.

A variety of people from lawmakers to students took the podium advocating for reproductive choice and calling on lawmakers to vote against two bills already filed this year they say would hinder that choice.

The first, House Bill 103, looks to require a doctor give a patient a written description of what their ultrasound looks like before they get an abortion.

The second bill, filed Wednesday, would require pharmacies submit a report to the state about any prescriptions filled that would be used for a medical abortion.

Opponents call these bills an assault on a patients right to choice and privacy.

“What we have seen in the capitol is an obsession with bodies and domination over our reproductive lives and so we are following them closely, we are getting voices heard. There were over 50 people here this morning speaking to legislators and that will continue throughout the session because we expect more than the two bills we have seen,” said Tamarra Wieder, a Planned Parenthood Advocate.

One of the other topics discussed was that of having some type of standardized sex education for students here in the commonwealth.

There has been a bill pre-filed in the legislature that looks to do just that.

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