Activists prepare to march for science

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Some activists in Lexington are hoping for sun, not showers on Saturday. They plan to join people across the country then in a march for science. The marchers say their goal is two-fold.

They say hopefully, everyone will walk away from it feeling more appreciative of science, and hopefully, scientists will walk away feeling they need to advocate more for their work. The marchers say their rally is non-partisan, but political, motivated by a threat scientists are feeling.

When you think of the tools of science, you probably think of numbers and beakers. Right now, some scientists’ most powerful tools are markers and words.

Lexington activists are making signs to hold while marching for science Saturday. People across the country plan to march. In Lexington, more than 1000 people say they are going on Facebook.

“These days it feels like science is under attack sometimes and that maybe it’s under appreciated and maybe people don’t realize how much good science does,” Biochem PhD student Alex Helman said.

Helman says that bothers her. Others around the room worry about funding cuts. Environmental scientist Shannon Powers says the number of people who do not believe in climate change concerns her.

“You just want to get out there and let people know that these things aren’t a hoax and that they need to get involved with this,” Powers said.

These marchers hope the wittier the sign, the more their message will get across.

“Like with this,” Powers shows the sign she’s drawing, “instead of ‘coal keeps the lights on’, ‘science keeps the lights on’. People will say, ‘Oh, that’s kind of clever.'”

Clever messages are one of the tools these scientists hope will get people talking, even within their own community.

“Unfortunately, scientists are known for sitting in the background and not really getting involved and talking to their colleagues and people in the area and their legislators so we’re hoping more scientists become involved in those sorts of things,” co-organizer Trent Garrison said.

In order to keep scientists and enthusiasts engaged, organizers say they will have booths at the march to provide ways for people to stay connected.

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