Accused Serial Burglar In Court

A man police call a "serial burglar" went before a judge Thursday via a live video stream.
He didn’t even have to leave the jail to be in court.
But a journey was taken…in the form of the many crimes the man is accused of committing.

"Let me tell you something, Mr. Banks…I’d suggest not saying anything at this point in time."

That suggestion from the bench came after Mark Banks, 44, made somewhat of an unsolicited confession to a series of burglaries.
"I mean…I was on drugs…I don’t know if I," he began, before the judge cut him off.

According to Lexington all started August 13th with a hit and run…and continued from there.

Court documents say Banks stole batteries out of trucks at Avis rental on South Broadway on August 13th.

Documents go on to say Banks broke into a Dunkin’ Donuts–also on South Broadway–the 17th.

Police say they nearly caught him at a Thornton’s gas station on the 20th–again, on South Broadway–but he got away.

Investigators say he nearly hit a police vehicle in the process.

Court documents say he broke into the Subway restaurant on Alexandria Drive on the 17th.

Surveillance video shows a man taking money from the register before taking off.

Officials say Banks robbed another Subway on Versailles Road around two in the morning on the 20th, walking away with a $7,000 haul.

Documents say he went back to the Alexandria Drive Subway that night around 11… but didn’t get any cash that time.

Documents say he then left Subway, and at 2:30 the next afternoon, he was arrested outside the Kroger right across the street.

Banks was appointed a public defender.
He’s due back in court August 27th.

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