Absentee ballots still being counted could play a big role on small races

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Election day is over, but the wait is not! Like the race for President, some candidates in Fayette County still are on pins and needles for the last of the absentee ballots to be counted. We spoke to the man in charge of that county and one of the candidates whose wait continues.

On Wednesday, more than 4,000 absentee ballots collected from the mail and drop boxes were counted for Fayette County. The ballots will be checked, in confirming it has been received, and the signature will be verified.

“Then, the next step is to open the ballot package and to make sure everything is in order. If it is, we eventually extract your ballot, feed it into the scanner for you, and then we are done,” said Don Blevins, Fayette County Clerk.

Blevins said Tuesday night one of the scanners failed with 3000 ballots in it, and they had to wait until Wednesday for them to be re-scanned.

“We have to have a judge’s order before we can break the seal and take the ballots out,” he explained.

Four Urban council races were on Tuesday’s ballot. Three races were close enough where the absentee ballots could matter. This is especially for District 9 where Liz Sheehan and Bill Farmer were separated by just 16 votes. With additional ballots arriving over the next few days, the votes could mean everything.

“If we have a race that is separated by single digits, you know, those last straggler ballots that will come in Friday, Saturday, and Monday, they could still affect the race,” Blevins said.

Sheehan said while anxious for the results, every vote matters.
“From my perspective, I was always kind of telling people we might not know that night, and so I had mentally prepared for it that we might not have the results,” said Sheehan.
Blevins said while the final certification is November 10, they will update their numbers this Friday.

“I’m excited and a tiny bit stressed, but trying to stay calm and just hanging out with my family to stay grounded in this moment,” Sheehan expressed.

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